Happy Hump Day, from the Geico… Camel?

It looks as though Geico is expanding their repertoire a bit. Instead of a CGI gecko, now it’s a CGI camel. I suppose that’s… a change, if nothing else. Change is good, right?

This is party of a series of commercials that Geico is currently doing. It can generally be summed up as the “happier than” series. In each of these videos, the question is posed “How happy are people saving hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico?” The answer is, of course, “happier than a” whatever is appearing in the video. In this case, it’s “happier than a camel on Wednesday”.

We all have had that coworker. You know the one I mean: the one who hovers over your shoulder and wants to tell you all about his weekend/extra awesome child/car/whatever. The one at my job always leads with a series of questions about whatever’s going on in my life before launching into a saga of who said what at work and what her kids are doing at their home schooling group and how sensitive her son is. Sometimes it makes me wish to be struck suddenly deaf, at least until Friday afternoon around 5:00.

But that’s a sob story for another day, time, and location. The point is, we all know that coworker, and Geico is totally acknowledging that coworker. And while I’m not sure if an annoying camel coworker is better or worse than the gecko, at least it’s a change.

As long as it’s not a change that gives that coworker a chance to make more noise, right?