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Behind Lakey Peterson’s Rise To Success

Clearly it’s the week for surfing. The Roxy Pro Biarritz is going on right now, and the US Open for Surfing is soon to be following suit. The defending champion is 19-year-old Lakey Peterson. When she won the last championship, she was the youngest competitor. (The oldest this year is Stephanie Gilmore, 24, from Australia, who has five world titles.)

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber documented Lakey’s rise from start to champion; he started following her when she was the youngest person to qualify for the US Open of Surfing. Originally, he meant the film to be an inspiration one for girls about picking oneself back up after being defeated time after time, as Lakey was flubbing out of various competitions. But then, when she won the US Open for Surfing, it turned into a zero-to-hero success story, entitled Zero to 100: The Lakey Peterson Story.

All that is well and good and it’s awesome that she’s kicking butt like this… but I have one very serious question. Were her parents latter day hippies or something to name her “Lakey”. I mean, it’s a perfect name for a surfer, but when she arrived in this world, no one knew that. What makes a person pick the name “Lakey” for their child? (Probably the same kind of person who names their kid “Khaleesi”.)

Are you going to check out the US Open for Surfing or the Lakey Peterson movie? Leave us your thoughts.